Welcome to the Matty White Triathlon Coaching Systems webpage, with over 20 years of experience in Professional Triathlon Matty has structured a coaching system designed on maximising your time constraints to ensure that the time you have is used effectively. Understanding that most people have work and family commitments based around their sport is crucial in programming specific sessions in accordance to the individuals needs.

About Matty White

Matty has been a professional triathlete for 18 years and has competed at the highest level in long course triathlon during this time. Matt turned pro at the age of 20 and trained with a World Champion Triathlon Squad on the Gold Coast for a year before heading over to the French Professional club circuit to make a living from the sport. Now a Level 1 Triathlon Coach Accredited through Triathlon Australia.

Pre-Packaged Training

Full 12 week packages the lead up to a long or half distance triathlon. Each package includes:

  • Beginner to Intermediate specific daily training load system.
  • Fully comprehensive Diet Plans.
  • Recipe Ideas for the duration of the programs.
  • Complete Instructional Videos from Matty
  • Plus much more

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Client Testimonials

"As a motivated age grouper, I approached Matty after completing my first Ironman and having only been a triathlete for five months and very new to cycling. I work full time and also study part time and Matty understands my busy life. Together we make the training program work. I have now been with Matty for almost three years and in that time I have never had a serious injury or a bad race. I have taken 1h 40min off my Ironman time and qualified for Kona twice. I do not live in Adelaide, but have access to Matty via Training Peaks, phone, email and I see him at a race at least a few times a year. Matty's program are individually tailored and he can help you reach your goals - no matter how big or small."

Megan Webber
(Age Group Athlete and 2 time Kona Qualifier)

"Matty White took me under his wing mid-January 2015 after I completed my first triathlon. In just over 18months he has taken me from a novice triathlete to South Australian Triathlete of the Year in my first full season. I know personally that his training methods require patience and an understanding that he is looking at the long-term “bigger picture”, and that trusting him is crucial. Matty offers smart, consistent training, building strength rapidly through incremental increases in work load, avoiding sessions that destroy the body for the next training session or the entire week. I am proof that his coaching training methods work and provide results, I have done everything he has told me since pairing up last year, from training, rest, recovery, diet and my trust continues to grow as his predictions continue to become true.

Matty has always had faith in me even when I failed or doubted myself and my future in triathlon. One of his biggest strengths as a coach is his ability to build his athlete’s confidence, taking positive from the times when things did not go to plan.

Matty knows his athletes better than they know themselves and exactly what they are capable of, with the equipment to test everything from Vo2Max to Lactate Threshold, paired with his massive amount of experience as a triathlete himself. Having been a Professional triathlete is very valuable in a coach; if someone is going to tell me I need to push harder when I am already in indescribable pain, it is very reassuring knowing that he has been there before, on countless occasions and is actually aware of what he is asking me to do, knowing ill be fine in 30minutes when its all over."

Steve Mckenna
(SA Triathlete of the Year, State Champion, Open State Series winner 2016)