Welcome to the official Matty White Training website, with over 20 years of experience in Professional Triathlon, Matty has structured a training system designed on maximising your time constraints to ensure that the time you have is used effectively.

Understanding that most people have work and family commitments based around their sport Matty understands that it is crucial in programming specific sessions in accordance to the individuals needs. Matty has a wealth of experience and currently offers the following packages:

White Gold Package

Personalised Coaching

Fully personalised online Triathlon coaching, catered around your individual abilities and time goals, life and work commmitments as well as race goals. Matty caters entirely for the inidividual with this service and this includes full access to Matty's wealth of experience and vast network as you need. This service is perfect for the athlete who wants exclusive service and guaranteed results. Numbers are limited to ensure exclusivity. With this package option you receive access to the head coach (Matty) as you need. Training is fully monitored and feedback is via email, phone and training peaks.

Monitored progress via Training Peaks.

White Gold Packages start at $300 p/month

The Spartan & The Trojan

12 Week / Pre-Packaged Training

Full 12 week packages for a long or half distance triathlon. Each package contains complete daily training load system with all bases covered.

Packages contain fully comprehensive Diet Plans and Recipe Ideas. All training systems come complete with Instructional Videos from Matty outlining the daily training sessions and the description and goals, as well as a resource section including drills, strength training, streatching, race preperation plus many more.

  • 12 week packages designed for beginner/intermediate athletes looking to complete an Ironman or 70.3 event
  • Fully Automated with secure login and email notifications for each daily session
  • Daily sessions include Video Instructions, Session Description and Full Diet Plan (3 meals a day plus snack options in resource area)
  • Ability to scroll forward and back 7 days to plan accordingly
  • Full Resource Section with instructional videos
  • Sessions based on Matty’s 23 year experience in the sport

All recipe ideas supplied by Leah Izzini (Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc), Personal Trainer (Cert IV) and Food Coach)


Intro Video:

The Warrior

6 Week / Pre-Packaged Training

This 6 week program is designed from my years of experience from being a successful Professional Triathlete and Level 1 Triathlon Coach as well as a full time firefighter, its a 30-45minutes per day routine for people who need to get the maximum benefit for the limited time they have.

This session is not just specific for Triathletes or Multi Sport athletes but everyday people who just want to get fit and burn some serious calories. The Program comes complete with a 6 week diet plan and instructional videos outlining all the movements and exercises. There are benchmark sessions in there to achieve and monitor progress throughout.

Fitness Info:

MWT Triathlon Camps

Port Douglas & Wallaroo Training Camps

Currently MWT are conducting Triathlon training camps in the following places, Port Douglas (QLD) and Wallaroo (SA). These camps are designed for everyone from beginners to professionals as we have the knowledge base and staffing to assist every skill level in order to improve from attending our camps.

The camps are a fun way to meet new people and enjoy training and learning with some of the best in the sport. Head Coach Matty has over 20 years experience in the sport most of it racing as a Professional Triathlete with numerous Ironman Podiums and 70.3 wins around the globe.

Port Douglas

25th July 2019 - 29th July 2019



  • Accomodation at The Mantra Port Sea Resort with your own room
  • Buffet Breakfast every day
  • All dinners
  • Full Coaching Support/ Clinics/Seminars
  • Full access to all coaches throughout camp (Matty White and Tim Van Berkel)
  • Transfers to and from Port Douglas from Cairns Airport
  • Twilight Cruise/drinks/canapes

  • Arrive check in unpack bikes etc, easy 40 jog on beach in afternoon
  • Dinner and welcome briefing
  • Long Bike Ride 3-4hrs with a mix of hills and flats
  • Run off bike approx 20-30min along beach
  • Lunch (own time)
  • Open Water Swim Clinic on 4 mile beach
  • Dinner
  • Run Clinic/drills followed by 1 hour long run on beach
  • Nutrition seminar
  • Lunch (Own Time)
  • Swimming pool technique session
  • Long Race Simulation (2km/50/10) or (1km/25/5)
  • Lunch (Own Time)
  • Camp debrief/dinner/twilight cruise
  • Transfers home




  • 2 x nights Accomodation at the new Wallaroo Units (Beachfront)
  • 2 x Dinners
  • All Coaching Support and Seminars

  • Swim Clinic at North Adelaide Pool
  • Run clinic and long run
  • Dinner
  • Long ride 3hrs with some efforts at end of ride,
    with easy 20min run off bike
  • Open water swim clinic
  • Physio Wellness Talk
  • DInner
  • Long race sim (2/45/10)

For information on any of these camps and to make a booking:

Swim Technique Analysis

General Training

MWT also offers one on one intensive swim technique analysis from a fully qualified swim instructor through one of our partners at Norwood Swim School, these sessions are exclusive to MWT and they are extremely beneficial in streamlining your swim mechanics by some of the best in the business. This service is only available to local athletes.

Lactate Threshold and Heamatocrit Testing

General Training

This service is essential in planning your training zones and setting your racing zones. This test is completed on a Wattbike to specific power targets at intervals. Using the Lactate Scout Monitor your blood lactate readings are monitored at various points providing the true Lactate Threshold in accordance to your wattage and heart rate data. Upon Completion of this session each client receives a full synopsis of their individual and specific training zones so they can plan a training structure accordingly.

Adelaide Bikefit

General Training

Cyclists in Adelaide know Nashy to give reliable, meticulous bike fitting and servicing. Nashy’s rap sheet is above and beyond, being heavily involved in Tour Down Under, Herald Sun Tour, National Road Series, Junior Olympics are just the tip of the iceberg.

You’re now training with MWT to improve your athletic performance but have you considered the gains you would get from a Professional Bike Fit?

Adelaide Bike Fit has the newest, most advanced technology combined with Nashy’s eye for detail.

Small adjustments to your position will lead to pedalling more efficiently and not only improve Bike splits but Run times as well.

Come see us at ABF and receive 10% off any fitting service we provide.

Adelaide Bikefit Info: